Following Films Podcast: Will Battersby and Diane Shader Smith on ‘Salt In My Soul’

Following Films | January 24, 2022

Based on the posthumously published bestselling memoir of the same name, the film takes you inside the mind of a young woman who tries to live a full life while dying. Mallory Smith was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at the age of three. In her twenty five-year battle with the deadly disease, she carved out a life that most of us don’t come close to.

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CCC speaks with film makers and advocates Will Battersby and Diana Shader Smith

Be Uneke Radio | January 23, 2022

Will and Diana are the driving force behind “Salt In My Soul” but is ultimately Mallory’s story. Based on her book of the same name published posthumously in 2019, Mallory’s story is inspiring, heartbreaking and enlightening. It sheds light on new treatments for CF as well as advancements in the fight against “Superbugs” It is also the story of family, Diana is passionate about getting awareness out about these groundbreaking treatments so that other parents never have to experience the loss of a loved one.

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Salt In My Soul

Ride the Omnibus podcast | January 23, 2022

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Salt In My Soul – Director Will Battersby and Diane Shader Smith (Mallory’s mom)

Film School Radio | January 22, 2022

SALT IN MY SOUL is the story of a woman, Mallory Smith, wise beyond her years who was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at the age of three. In her twenty five-year battle with the deadly disease, Mallory carved out a life that most of us don’t come close to.

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Filmweek: ‘Lunana: A Yak in the classroom’, ‘Compartment no. 6’, ‘Salt In My Soul’ and more

Filmweek with Larry Mantle, KPCC | January 21, 2022

Larry Mantle and KPCC film critics Wade Major and Claudia Puig review this weekend’s new movie releases on streaming and on demand platforms. Larry also speaks with KPCC’s John Horn about the Sundance Film Festival’s pivot to a virtual event for the second year in a row. Also on the show, a conversation between writer/director Sian Heder and KPCC’s John Horn about “CODA, ” Heder’s record-breaking film which premiered at Sundance in 2021.

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It is a gift to hear Mallory Smith’s voice in ‘Salt In My Soul’ documentary

Gunnar Esiason | January 21, 2022

Salt in My Soul, the documentary version, is something special. If you’ve followed the blog for a long time, you know I loved the book. In fact, Darcy and I had a passage from Salt in My Soul read aloud at our wedding:

My life is a miracle. Life in general is a miracle. Our existence is the result of stars exploding, solar systems forming, our Earth having an environment hospitable to life, and then, finally, millions of highly improbable events accumulating over millions of years to bring us, a capable and conscious bag of stardust, to the here and now.

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1on1 with Will Battersby and Diane Shader Smith (Salt In My Soul)

Screenfish Online | January 21, 2022

Based on Mallory Smith’s mémoirs of the same name, the new documentary SALT IN MY SOUL tells Mallory’s amazing journey with cystic fibrosis. In her 25-year battle with the disease, Mallory lived a life of vibrancy and vitality. Often told in her own words, SOUL is the incredible story of one woman’s determination and the innumerable people that she impacted after her passing. In this 1on1, we speak to director Will Battersby and Mallory’s mother, Diane Shader Smith about the experience of revisiting Mallory’s journals and the balance between acceptance and fighting back.

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In The Seats With… Will Battersby and Diane Shader Smith for ‘Salt In My Soul’

In The Seats with… podcast | January 21, 2022

We’re back from somewhat of an unintentional (yet also intentional) hiatus as we dealt with life stuff and took an extra second or two to re-charge the batteries but we’re back with a special one.In theatres in NY and LA today and on VOD this coming January 25th; ‘Salt In My Soul’ is a very special documentary about the importance of living life to the utmost.’Salt In My Soul’ is based on the posthumously published memoirs of the same name that chronicles the life of one Mallory Smith.

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An athlete dying young

The Boston Globe, Peter Keough | January 21, 2022

Diagnosed at 3 with cystic fibrosis, a fatal, incurable, and debilitating illness, Mallory Smith kept her suffering to herself. Instead she used the little time she had left to achieve excellence and pursue her dreams. Tall, lithe, and athletic (she played on three sports teams), she also excelled academically, and only her family and close friends knew of her suffering and the ordeal of the treatments she had to undergo.

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Salt In My Soul – Interview with filmmaker Will Battersby and subject Diane Shader Smith

Selig Film News, Gadi Elkon | January 21, 2022

One of the most moving documentaries of 2021 is SALT IN MY SOUL. Filmmaker Will Battersby and film subject Diane Shader Smith talked with our Gadi Elkon about this powerful story.

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