I got to know Mallory because I was her RA in college. I don’t want to get her in too much trouble, so i won’t say that her room was THE party rooms, but I will say that her room was one of the party rooms. Mallory has a way of making anyone feel like she was your best friend. So her triple with Maya and Makiko would throw parties with the boys next door, and they would wait until i was on call to throw them, because they knew I would be right in there with them rather than telling them to be quite and drink responsibly like a good RA should. Also as the RA, I had an event called Toyon eharmony, these were the days before tinder, where I set up everyone in the dorm on a blind date with someone else in the dorm. In another slight abuse of power, I set myself up on a not-so-blind date with Mallory. This blossomed into a beautiful friendship. Last week I had Makiko read Mallory a letter I wrote, and Mallory scribbled on a piece of paper “i had a crush on him in college… but he’s 5’8” “. I love you too Mal.