Mallory to me was like a journey, being friends with her was a constant adventure

and in the high like in the lows she would put on that smile and say something ‘’book

worthy’’. Mallory had the gift of making everything seem almost easy and she taught

me to care less about what people thought and to embrace life. And so, we did, from

that time we almost got arrested in Vegas to all the nights spent over at the Smith’s

around the kitchen table – from the Hawaiian escapades to Diane’s amazing talks

about dating and who was the cutie in town – we took in every second of it and lived

it fully. I do have to say though there is one thing I was never able to embrace fully

and that was when she would pee in the pool during practice, we eventually trained

her to do it in a corner or just not be so honest about it…That’s the thing with Mall,

her honesty was sometimes almost humorous. I remember when I first moved to LA

and she told me “at first I wasn’t sure if something was wrong with you or if you were

just foreign”. She made me laugh so much and I know I am not the only one. I am

sure most of you are still thinking wait so, what happened in Vegas? Don’t worry

everyone it was PG. I love everything about Mall, her family, her friends, her humour,

even those mucus pictures I had to take and send to Diane so we could

acknowledge a little woo woo from her and if it was really good a little Diane dance.

So, I say, let’s embrace life and live every second! Let’s make her proud! Aloha

Mallory, thank you for the amazing journey!