The Memorial

Mallory Smith died on November 15, 2017, two months after receiving a double lung transplant. Mallory, who was born with Cystic Fibrosis, passed away at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, where she had been receiving treatment. Her memorial ceremony was held at Beverly Vista Elementary School in Beverly Hills, CA where Mallory grew up. Thousands of people came to celebrate her life and memory.

The Ceremony

The Speeches

Read the Speeches from Mallory’s beloved family & friends.

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“Mal called herself a cockroach saying, ‘CF keeps trying to kill me but I don’t die.’ My daughter did more in 25 years than many do in a lifetime.”

Diane Shader Smith,
Mallory’s Mom

“Forced to grow up early, she was always an old soul. Unlike many teenagers and twenty-somethings, she never acted like she was in a dress rehearsal. Life was opening night for Mallory.”

Mark Smith,
Mallory’s Dad